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Attending Community Council meetings

Community Council meetings are held on the third Thursday of each even numbered month at 7 pm in the Parish Hall. Meetings are not held in the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November unless there is extraordinary business. All members of the community are welcome to attend meetings. Public discussion and open debate is encouraged. Minutes of meetings will be available

Minutes of meetings will be available here

Contacting Your Community Council
The Community Council represents the views of the community on all matters which may affect us, responds to planning matters and takes up local issues. We expect to be consulted by outside organisations on all matters affecting the local area and local services and respond on behalf of the local community.

We would like to facilitate and improve communication between the Community Council and the Auchterhouse Community as much as possible. Any comments or suggestions about this would be welcomed.

Comments to councillors on any local issue, whether in the minutes or not, are welcome, as is attendance at Community Council meetings. To make contact easier, the names and contact details of the Community Council members  are available here.


Role of Community Councils

To ascertain, co-ordinate and express the views of the community and relay them to Angus Council

There should be wide consultation with the community and participation in community debate should be encouraged.

Promote community activities and encourage a local perspective.

Encourage local development by promoting funding of community efforts.

Specific funds may be set up for this purpose.

Encourage participation by other local organisations to ensure a wide range of views are made known.

Angus Council will consult Community Councils with regard to proposals for policy and physical developments likely to have an effect on the community and has a statutory duty to do so in respect of planning applications.

Responsibilities of Community Councillors include:

  • Upholding the law and acting in accordance with the public trust placed in them.
  • Acting to assist Angus Council to serve the interests of the whole community.
  • Community councillors are not obliged to put the interests of particular groups above the general interests.
  • Acting solely in the public interest.
  • Whilst they may very properly be influenced by others, including interest groups, it is the responsibility of Community Councillors to decide what view to take, and how to vote, on any question which Councillors have to decide.
  • Being as open as possible about their actions.
  • Ensuring that reasons are given for decisions of the Community Council.

Accessing Local Planning Applications on Angus Council's Website.

The full details of all local planning applications are available on Angus Council's website. You can comment online, if you wish, and have three weeks to do so from validation (look at earliest date that application can be determined).

If you haven't looked up planning applications before, here's how-

  • go to Angus Council's website - home page
  • click on "P" for planning
  • click on "planning applications - view or comment
  • click on "public access" link in document
  • "simple" search tab can be used if you know the application reference
  • if not - click on "advanced" tab
  • scroll down and click on "parish" drop-down - select "Auchterhouse"
  • scroll down and enter date range
  • click in "from" and "to" boxes and then select dates from calendar eg validated a month ago up to today will bring up the list of applications validated (and notified to the community council) in the past month.
  • finally scroll down and click on "search" to bring up the application list and the links to the full application details.