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Auchterhouse Community & Parish
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For a small village Auchterhouse has more than its share of history. Here, we have tried to put together what we have managed to find out. If anyone can add anything, please contact us. Click to email

We are indebted to former Chair of the Auchterhouse Community Council, Linda Caston, who did so much to research the history of the Parish of Auchterhouse and who produced most of the material for the history pages which follow.

The Archaeological Remains of Auchterhouse Parish.

Folklore & Smugglers:
Auchterhouse was once on a notorious smuggling route.

Personal Reminiscences:
The personal reminiscences of the niece of an old Auchterhouse resident and some other families.

Ogilvie & Ramsay Historical Research
Research by Edward Simpson

Dronley Moor & Wood
Reminiscences of Roderick Stewart and family from DronleyHouse

Books About Auchterhouse:
Several books have been written about the Parish of Auchterhouse.

Gravestone Inscriptions:
The Church Yard is a rich source of history.

Auchterhouse school has a long history

The first known date of a church in Auchterhouse is 1238.

Patrick Bell:
Inventor of the reaping machine.

Sidlaw Sanatorium:
One time TB hospital.

Dundee - Newtyle Railway:
Scotland's first passenger railway

The geography of the area means that the topic of the weather is always close to the hearts of Auchterhouse residents.

War Memorial:
In keeping with the nature of the area, the village War Memorial takes the form of a horse trough.

1891 Census:
A rich source of Auchterhouse history.

Photo Gallery:
A collection of old and modern photographs, including some early postcards