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The following are a selection of historical books about the village and surrounding area:

red bullet Annals of an Angus Parish
by Rev. W. Mason Inglis
(published 1888)

"Some years ago (1881) the writer of the following notes upon an old Angus Parish delivered several lectures upon the past history of the parish of Auchterhouse - copious extracts from which appeared at the time in the Dundee press. At the request of many of the parishioners and others to whom they proved somewhat interesting, the writer has consented to their publication 'in entenso'. They are the result of careful and laborious reading and research into many quaint and interesting departments of historical and ecclesiastical literature."

(second hand price around £35)

red bullet An Angus Parish in the Eighteenth Century
by Rev. W. Mason Inglis
(published 1904) pp. 200. index.

"This volume is practically a sequel of an earlier work, "The Annals of an Angus Parish" which dealt chiefly with the 17th century, and is written mainly with the view of describing and illustrating the many quaint and curious phases of old parochial and ecclesiastical life in Angus as are to be gleaned from the Parish Records of the 18th century."

(2nd hand price around £40)


red bullet Auchterhouse Old and New :An Historical and Social Record
by Rev. J. Kirkland Cameron and M. Oliphant Valentine
(published 1932) pp. 76

"Last year the Executive of the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes suggested that the branches should undertake the work of collecting all the available information possible concerning the respective parishes. In sympathy with this movement the story of Auchterhouse has been compiled.

This little book, the making of which has been a labour of love, is now published in the hope that it may be found of interest to the people of Auchterhouse, to sons and daughters of our parish in many lands, and to a wider circle of readers"

(second hand price around £12.50)

red bullet On the Slopes of the Sidlaws
by D.P. Thomson
(published 1953) pp. 32

"Here I have not attempted to cover anything like the whole field. Nothing whatever is said, for example of three of the Sidlaw parishes - Eassie and Nevay to the east, Lundie and Fowlis in the centre, and Kinnaird further to the west.. What I have done is to try to recapture something of the rich and varied contribution which this lovely area has made to the life, work and thought of the Church of Christ in Scotland through the centuries. That contribution has been a rich one for a district whose population can never have numbered more than a few thousands."


red bullet A History of Auchterhouse
by George Thomson
(1998) pp. 20

"Some years ago, I wrote a history of the Thomson family... In so doing, as background I included a few paragraphs on the history of Auchterhouse ...My interest was aroused. Further research resulted in a booklet published by the Tay Valley Family History Society 'Life in the parish of Auchterhouse in the 18th Century.' This booklet 'A History of Auchterhouse' is the result of my recent studies. I have included those elements of Scottish history that affected Auchterhouse directly."