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The topic of the weather is always close to the hearts of Auchterhouse residents.

Here is a selection of "bad weather" stories from the past.

red bullet 1793 severe winter. A succession of storms of great violence. An intense frost. Snow storms, accompanied by blinding blizzards, nearly buried the villages and hamlets, drifts making traffic impossible.

Winters till the end of the century were characterised by biting frost, and great storms of snow wind and rain.


There was no abatement yesterday in the severity of the storm. Snow fell all day in blinding showers, and was blown into huge wreaths by the wind, which raged with hurricane force. Trains were snowed up in all directions, and country roads are impassable. Telegraphic communication is much interrupted. Considering the violence of the storm it is remarkable there are so few casualties. Last night the storm continued as fiercely as ever, and this morning there was no sign of abatement.


This line is still blocked, and it is not expected that traffic will be resumed over its entire length today. Several enormous wreaths have been formed. One in the neighbourhood of Newtyle is about a mile long, and is believed to be about 17 feet deep; at Dronley there is a depth of 14 feet; and at Auchterhouse a depth of 3 feet. The only trains run on the line on Saturday were two to and from Lochee. Little progress was made in clearing the road on Saturday morning

red bullet Auchterhouse School Log book 4 March 1881 (Friday)

A stormy day with drifting snow, no scholars of the Infant department forward, and only a few of the Senior department; these received a lesson in Arithmetic and were then dismissed.

red bullet 7 March 1881 (Monday)

The snow storm which began on Thursday afternoon continued till yesterday morning, and the roads are now blocked with snow-wreaths varying form 3 to 20 feet in height; the attendance in both rooms is consequently very small.

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