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Dronley Wood Spring Squirrel Survey

Once again the group of local volunteers has completed the spring squirrel survey in Dronley Wood. Unfortunately the last two weeks in March were rather windy which may be why there were only 4 sightings across the 4 transects (compared with 18 this time last year) This is certainly our lowest figure.

The good news is that all the sightings were of red squirrels (no greys). We have been surveying twice a year in Dronley for 5 years now and there have been no grey sightings reported. Interesting when there are grey squirrels all round the wood - but not in it. Dronley Wood itself still seems to be a haven for the Scottish red squirrels.

If you would like more information, or would like to do some squirrel surveying with us, get in touch.

Linda Cockram
Auchterhouse Squirrelwatch
Tel: 01382 320254

Interested in surveying our local red squirrel population for the Scottish Squirrel Survey?

Squirrelwatch started in the spring of 2005. A wish to survey the wildlife in the wood coincided with the launch of the Scottish Squirrel Survey.

The need to survey squirrel populations across Scotland, so that red squirrel conservation measures can be effectively put in place led to Scottish Natural Heritage being funded by the Scottish Executive to set up the national squirrel survey (more information on – look under “squirrels”).

So we decided to concentrate on squirrels. No grey squirrels have been seen in Dronley for years so we set up local surveys twice a year. The results go to the Scottish Squirrel Survey. We are delighted that the absence of grey squirrels has been confirmed so far.

Apart from being fun to do (it's magical seeing red squirrel in the trees early in the morning) a local benefit of the surveys has been a change to the Forestry Commission's plan for Dronley Wood. A plan to clear fell three areas of the woodland has now been replaced with a policy of thinning to conserve the squirrels seen in this area of the woodland.

There's a lot of interest in the village in our local squirrels and there is nothing complicated about the surveying – anyone can do it!

For more information contact Linda Cockram
Tel: 01382 320254