Auchterhouse Community


The Community Council is a statutory consultee on planning issues. This includes not just individual applications but also infrastructure plans such as the Local Development Plan, Tay Plan (Tayside Strategic Plan) and the National Planning Framework. These plans lay out future development and can have an impact on our local community.
The Community Council scrutinises all local planning applications on a weekly list sent out by Angus Council. We respond to Angus Council only if there are planning issues. Very occasionally there is an issue of wide potential community impact which we would circulate to the community.

Accessing Auchterhouse Planning Applications on Angus Council's Website

The full details of all local planning applications are available on Angus Council's website. You can comment online, if you wish, and have three weeks to do so from validation (look at earliest date that application can be determined).

If you haven't looked up planning applications before, here's how to do it:

  • Go to Angus Council's website - home page
  • Scroll down to “Planning and Building” box
  • Click on "planning applications - view or comment
  • Click on "public access" link in document
  • Use "simple" search tab if you know the application reference or location details
  • If not - click on "advanced" tab
  • Scroll down and click on "Community Council" drop-down - select "Auchterhouse"
  • Scroll down and enter date range - click in "from" and "to" boxes and then select dates from calendar, e.g. validated a month ago up to today will bring up the list of applications validated (and notified to the community council) in the past month.
  • Finally scroll down and click on "search" to bring up the application list and the links to the full application(s)
  • NB you can use a similar procedure for appeals and enforcements