Auchterhouse Community

Recent Projects & Achievements

Some recent examples of Community Council activities are listed below.

  • Identifying and coordinating volunteers to assist vulnerable individuals during the pandemic
  • Acquiring and maintaining a defibrillator
  • Arranging CPR and Defibrillator training through HeartStart Discovery
  • Telephone kiosk refurbishment to house defibrillator and act as notice board / exchange booth.
  • Taking on the management and maintenance of the public toilets in the Park
  • Repair and create secure bike stand at redundant bus shelter
  • Develop plans and local path guides
  • Ground care in vicinity of bus stop on main road
  • Improving notice boards

Anyone wishing to assist with these projects, or having suggestions for further projects that would benefit from Community Council engagement, are warmly invited and encouraged to get in touch with the Community Council.