Auchterhouse Community

Oil Ring

A Kerosene oil ordering ring has been functioning in the area since 2010. The main aim is to get central heating oil at the best discount available by ordering as large a quantity as possible for delivery in one run of the tanker. The discount will usually be on a sliding scale and can be up to about 6p per litre. A full tanker can take about 18,000 litres.

Orders are placed when a member of the group is running low and the frequency works out at about 9 or 10 times in the year. For any house the minimum order is 500 litres and there is no maximum, so members can leave it until running low (about 1 months worth left in tank) or top up when the tank can take at least 500 litres. Oil prices are usually lower in the spring and summer, which is a good time for topping up.

The ordering is carried by Garry Stewart, who will email all members of the group, when a delivery is required. Members then check their tank(s) and ask for more oil. When all requirements are consolidated a best price can be obtained (from one of several suppliers) and an order placed. Everyone on the order will be emailed to inform them of the price and the day of delivery. There is no need to be present, - just leave the oil tank unlocked. Garry will meet the driver to assist him where necessary.

Each member will be billed separately, so an account with the supplier will need to be opened.

To join the group email Garry on or ring 320339.