Auchterhouse Community

The Graveyard of Auchterhouse Parish Church

The present church replaced the medieval building, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in 1775.
The well-kept burial ground has been little disturbed, at least since the 19th century when twelve stones were leaned against the boundary wall, thus preserving their carving on that side. It is said that members of the noble families of Buchan, Airlie and Glamis were buried within the old kirk but there are no monuments remaining.

The following are a selection of gravestone inscriptions. The complete gravestone inscriptions for the church are to be found in Alison Mitchell's publication on the gravestones of Angus.

Erected by JAMES JAMIESON and his wife MARGARET STEWART in memory of their son DAVID JAMIESON who died April 5 1853 aged 21 years. The above MARGARET STEWART died 24 March 1874 aged 65 years. The above JAMES JAMIESON died 21 November 1893 aged 84 years also JANET JOHNSTON who died May 14th 1920 wife of JAMES JAMIESON Jnr JAMES JAMIESON Jnr died 5th June 1938 aged 82. And GEORGINA ANDERSON JAMIESON wife of Rev. JOHN MURRAY died 14 October 1948 aged 98.

Erected by WILLIAM CHALMERS. Manufacturer Dronley. In memory of JANET ANDERSON his spouse who died 4 Dec 1826 aged 35 years. Also ALEXANDER CHALMERS his father who died 16 FEB 1826 aged 77 years. WILLIAM CHALMERS died 7 August 1873 aged 85 years. Also his wife ANN CLARK who died1885 aged 85 years.

Erected by ANN and CLEMENTINA HILL in memory of their father JAMES HILL wright Auchterhouse who died 4th November 1853 aged 57 years and also their mother CLEMENTINA SCOTT who died 27th December 1860 aged 60 years and of their sister MARGRET who died in infancy and of their nephew PETER HILL who died 27th March 1861 aged 5 years.

In loving memory of JAMES COX late Station-Master Auchterhouse died 7th July 1891, in his 90th year his wife BETSY STEWART died 28th October, 1890, in her 90th year. Their daughter, GRACE died 14th July 1829. Aged 9 months. Their son JAMES died at Trichinopoly, India 4th September 1871 in his 34th year.

Erected by JOHN ROBERTSON Schoolmaster Auchterhouse in memory of his only son JOHN
who died 13 Nov 1890 aged 16 years and his elder daughter ELIZABETH MITCHELL who died 26 Nov 1890 aged 21 years also his younger daughter JANE LAING who died 6 July 1900 aged 27 years. The above JOHN ROBERTSON F.E.I.S. from 36 years, 1866-1904, Schoolmaster at Auchterhouse died at Dundee on 31st August 1914 in the 76th year of his age. ELIZABETH PRINGLE wife of the above JOHN ROBERTSON died at Dundee on 24 June 1915 in her 78th year of her age

Erected by AGNES ANDERSON wife of DAVID MONCUR some time Farmer Eastfield died 20 November 1760 aged 76. Know Reader, that this stone covers the remains of a worthy honest man, of a loving husband and parent, and intelligent farmer, a cheerful companion, an useful neighbour, one uncommonly well behaved Iin his station, regular in worship, cheerful in life and resigned in death; who died regretted by his relatives and by everyone who had access to know his real worth.

Erected by JANET MEARNS wife of JAMES STUART indweller The Cottoun of Ochterhouse
died November 1730 aged 62 in foreign lands where men with war engage he was sarvising at maney a bloody saige and was preserved unhurt. Ye gathered to his rest in good old age - who trusts in God is blist.

Heir lyes ane Godly and vertous man JAMES CHRISTIE of Balbuchlie who died 20 December 1651 aged 97 "dulce fuit quondam mihi viverse; non quis vixi, sed quoniam ut vival tunc moriturus eram"