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Ogilvie and Ramsay Families in History

The following was kindly provided by Edward Simpson of Oxfordshire as a result of his own research. Any additional information would be welcome via in the first instance

In about 1330 Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Wester Powrie married Marjory Ramsay, daughter of Sir Robert Ramsay of Auchterhouse, which "brought a considerable addition, both of wealth and of dignity, to his family". Their son Walter inherited the lands of Auchterhouse and in turn his heir, now Sir Walter, was "of Auchterhouse"; he was killed in battle in about 1391. In the next generation my descent comes through the second son, again Walter, who didn't inherit Auchterhouse and moved north to marry Isabel de Durward, the heiress of Lintrathen, and become known as Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen. He had a distinguished career, moved in the Royal entourage of King James I, and was knighted at the King's coronation in 1424. The Wikipedia entry for Auchterhouse says that a burial vault under St Mary's Church has tombs of the Buchan, Lyon and Ogilvy families, but no memorial tablets.

Are you able to tell me more about these, how you know there are Ogilvy tombs among them, and which Ogilvies they are? Are there other memorials in the Church, either to Ogilvy or to Ramsay family members? Beyond St Mary's, do you know of any traces in either part of the village of the Ogilvys and the Ramsays having lived and been prominent there?