Auchterhouse Community

Fly Tipping Reporting

Please use the following guidance to report fly tipping incidents in our community:

  • If you see the vehicle dumping the rubbish please note down the registration plate so you can
    provide it when you report the incident.
  • You can use a website called to pin point the specific location of the fly tipping.
    The website will provide you with 3 unique words that are assigned to that 3m squared area so
    that you can provide it to the authorities for accurate reporting on the location of the incident.
  • Report the incident to Dump Dumpers by filling in their online form. Their guidance states:
    • Due to the current situation with COVID-19, please use the online form to report fly tipping in the first instance. The details will be passed to the relevant enforcement agency.
    • If you wish to make a report by telephone, please contact the relevant local authority directly.
    • Please do not interfere with waste material as it may be hazardous or potentially be used as
  • Please also report the incident to Auchterhouse Community Council by emailing The Community Council will distribute the information to our
    local community police officer and local councillors so that the incident is escalated and followed
    up on. The Community Council will collate the information for all the instances of fly tipping to
    keep a record of frequency and location.
  • If you are on Facebook you can also place a post on the Auchterhouse Newsletter Facebook page
    to say you have identified a fly tipping incident and have reported it to the relevant authorities.